Witnesses recalled the chase to take down the terrorist who shot and stabbed civilians in the Petah Tikva market this afternoon (Thursday). Local store owners ran after the terrorist and neutralized him a block away from the scene of the shooting.

Local shop owners and security forces take down Petach Tikva market terrorist 

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At least four people were injured this evening (Thursday) in a shooting attack followed by a stabbing attack at the market in Petah Tikva. The Palestinian terrorist, an 18-year-old resident of the West Bank, was chased after by local store owners in the area who were at the scene. Avi Vaknin, one of the witnesses and pursuers of the terrorist stated, “I was working when suddenly I realized something unusual was happening and saw people running.”

Yossi Vesticker, an employee at the store directly next to the scene of the incident, saw the terrorist running and began to chase after him. Vesticker said: “I put on a police cap and ran after him armed with a gun. After a few seconds, the man turned around and shot in our direction.” He added, “I saw a young man and at the beginning, I didn’t think he was a terrorist but then we saw that he was holding a gun against his body.”

“We started running after him and captured him a block away from the market,” he reported. “He entered a shop and had nowhere to run. We pushed him onto the ground and as he fell, his gun also fell. Someone pushed the gun away from him. He yelled in Arabic and I hit his head with a board.”

Around 4:42 p.m., Magen David Adom received a report about a shooting near the Petah Tikva market. The paramedics who arrived at the scene treated a man and woman in their 50s and another woman in her 30s who sustained gunshot wounds to their lower torso. A man in his 40s sustained stab wounds to his upper torso.