Following earlier information, customs inspectors in Ben Gurion Airport checked a passenger returning from the Ukraine and found two Miniature Spitz puppies wrapped in cloth diapers.

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Diapers and Dogs: customs inspectors at Ben Gurion Airport caught two Miniature Spitz puppies that had been smuggled into Israel wrapped inside cloth diapers by a woman in her 40s who was returning from Ukraine. It appears that they were to be sold for thousands of shekels after forging their health certificates.

The woman, a resident of Modi’in who had arrived on a flight from Ukraine, tried to go through customs without declaring anything. Due to earlier information from the Israeli agriculture office, the inspectors stopped her for inspection. The woman tried to evade claiming that her infant son was hungry and needed feeding, and the inspectors did not find anything in her luggage.

But then one of the inspectors spotted movement at the bottom of the baby stroller, and wrapped inside cloth diapers with no ventilation, two puppies were found. In the inspection it was found that the puppies had arrived in Israel without blood tests for anti-rabies and without health certificates as required.

Veterinary services people took the dogs, and returned them to the Ukraine after they had been given food and water. It appears that the Miniature Spitz dogs were to be sold for between 6,000 to 15,000 shekels each. The passenger was taken for questioning, where she admitted that she had smuggled puppies into Israel several times in the past. She was released and the case was passed on for further legal action.