Petitioners sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister, describing the hardships they have faced since the evacuation of Amona and they reminded the prime minister that he was the one who announced the establishment of Amona: “Every day, we live the loss of our homes. There is a great sense of detachment.”

Photo Credit: TPS/Channel 2 News

About three months after the evacuation of Amona, the new community promised to the evacuees has still not yet been established. Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit opposes the establishment of a temporary community and among the evacuees, there is a concern that the government won’t do what it promised to do. As a result, the women of Amona sent a letter to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday evening, calling upon him to fulfill his commitments in light of the harsh conditions under which they and their families live.

“For over three months, we have been living in dormitory conditions that are not suitable for the proper management of a family,” the women wrote in their letter. “Every day, we live the loss of our homes, its warmth and its familial atmosphere. The loss of a basic stability that every person needs: parents, teenagers and children.”

They reminded the Prime Minister that he established Amona in his first government: “Will you rehabilitate the pioneers you sent? Will you stand by your word and to build a community for us?” Tomorrow, Netanyahu will hold a special meeting in order to address the plight of the Amona evacuees.

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