After the approval of a new compound at the Kotel for egalitarian prayer, today activists from the organization “Women of the Wall” arrived at the Orthodox side for a lesson in wrapping tefillin, which was held at the same time all over the world. They were forced to leave the site when the Kotel Rabbi threatened to close the umbrellas they were praying under.

Watch: Women of the Wall wrap tefillin today

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After the agreement with the Women of the Wall organization last week, several women from the organization arrived today (Sunday) for a lesson in wrapping tefillin, a lesson that took place today all over the world. The women were forced to leave when the Kotel Rabbi threatened to close their umbrellas.

“This is an exciting day. An international project, all over the world today female and male Jews are wrapping tefillin,” said Women of the Wall Director Anat Hoffman to Channel 2 Online News. “This day was planned more than a year ago, it’s taking place in New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil. This is the first time for us and it’s very exciting. To put on tefillin is very natural, it’s a daily occurrence and we also want to try it.”

The Kotel, today

The Kotel, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Regarding the criticism from the Orthodox community, Hoffman stated: “It took Israel a lot of time to get used to us, 27 years. We started when we were single and now we are grandmothers but I think there is a growing reorganization. People understand that there is more than 1 way to be Jewish and that is a good thing for all of us.”