A Knesset meeting titled “Equalizing the rights and duties of men and women in the IDF,” was held on Thursday, during which Brig. Gen. Amir Vadmani said that the integration of women in the IDF is continually on the rise. The scope of women in combat units has increased by 160% over the past six years, while the number of women serving as clerks has dropped by 25%, he said. Women make up 18% of the army’s combat forces, and the number of women in technology units is constantly increasing,

Towards the end of the meeting, the committee present unanimously approved a resolution towards empowering women in the IDF.

“The committee views the mission of victory as the Israel Defense Forces’ main assignment. The IDF must complete its mission without differentiating between women and men. The IDF must aspire to allow every person to utilize his/her abilities to the fullest in the army service. The committee calls on the commanders of the IDF Ground Forces to examine the possibility of opening all IDF professions to women’s military service, in the spirit of these things.”