An Israeli startup created a machine that turns air into water and has the potential to change billions of lives. The cost of a liter of water is less than 10 cents.

Alan Dershowitz at AIPAC conference, March

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The machine, created by an Israeli startup from Rishon LeZion, extracts water from air and produces water that is not only as filtered as it is at home but also rich in minerals.

Amazingly, Water Gen’s machine creates a liter of drinkable water for the cost of 0.15 Shekels (0.04 dollars). In addition to the innovation, countries that enjoy lots of sun can save on electricity with solar panels.

Possible solution to water crisis

Possible solution to water crisis Photo credit: From Water Gen Website/ Channel 2 News

Even when the air is dry, the machine’s bellows simply spin faster, maintaining a production rate of more than 20 liters of water a day. The Israeli company is talking about a breakthrough in under a year, after signing agreements for serial production. The cost of a machine at home will be several thousand shekels. However, Water Gen is mainly focusing on agreements with countries and with water corporations.

Photo credit: From Water Gen Website/ Channel 2 News

Only this week, United Nations aid agencies have warned that extreme weather forecasts, from El Niño in South America to the Asian typhoons, are taking away more and more drinkable water reservoirs from civilians due to the damage they cause infrastructure. These machines have the potential to save many from dependence on such infrastructures.