MK Oren Hazan’s selfie with US President Donald Trump managed to reach headlines across the world in addition to receiving a harsh response from Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

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Today (Monday), MK Oren Hazan (Likud) managed to cause a local controversy by pushing his way to a selfie with US President Donald Trump upon his arrival to Israel, although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempted to stop him. Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry claimed that “a number of people who were not on the list ‘snuck in’ to the line of handshakes and refused to leave.”

However, throughout the day, Hazan’s picture spread to headlines across the world. “Trump kept a stone face,” The Washington Post wrote. “He might have looked even more dour if he knew the full extent of Hazan’s infamous reputation.” US news website Gizmodo stated: “Israeli politician takes awkward selfie with Trump while Netanyahu tries to push him away.”

Photo credit: The Sun

The British Sun tabloid published: “Awkward moment humiliated Benjamin Netanyahu tries to stop awestruck Israeli minister taking a selfie with Donald Trump.” While Hazan is not a Israeli minister, the point was still clear.

Photo credit: Buitenland

Hazan commented on the event and claimed that Trump responded positively to his selfie request. “I told the president that people refer to me as the Israeli Donald Trump,” Hazan said. “He said that he has no problem taking a picture.” In response to the Foreign Ministry’s claims, Hazan said that he had the Prime Minister’s Office’s approval to be there.