Not only are technological developments and skilled manpower utilized to protect against terror threats: Throughout the world dolphins are starting to be trained in order to help with counter-terrorism. They neutralize bombs and underwater mines and are trained to locate divers intending to carry out terror attacks.

Dolphins neutralize mines

Dolphins neutralize mines Photo Credit: CNN/Channel 2 News

The largest militaries of the world are no longer satisfied only with soldiers or even with dogs as over the past few years, dolphins have been enlisted into the military. They protect strategic facilities, ports and they even detect mines.

These marine mammals are carefully trained to detect and locate swimmers and divers under water, both of which could be potential terrorists infiltrating via the sea. However, this is not the dolphins’ only task, as they also know how to locate underwater mines, explosives and any factor that tries to carry out terror attacks on important landmarks.

Two world powers, the US and Russia, are researching and developing the military training of dolphins. The US does so under very tight supervision from animal rights organizations so as not to make mistakes. The Russians are much less scrupulous, but using the dolphins works.