At the age of 115, Eida Karmi fled Syria and apparently became the oldest refugee in the world. She hopes to reach Germany soon and meet up with her relatives.

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Eida Karmi is probably the world’s oldest refugee. At the age of 115, she fled Syria in an attempt to reach a better place. She is currently living in a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. According to CNN, Karmi is probably not just the oldest refugee in the world but also the oldest woman.

She was born when the Ottoman Empire still existed in 1901. She lived through both of the world wars but the continuous fighting in Syria caused her to leave her home in search of a better life.

She was able to reach Greece thanks to a young family that noticed her and helped her throughout the journey. Ahmed, the father, carried Karmi for hundreds of kilometers. “I realized it’s really tiring for you,” Karmi said to Ahmed. “But I can’t walk and if you didn’t do it, nobody would do it.”

Karmi’s relatives are already living in Germany. Karmi refused to leave Syria five years ago when they fled. She hopes that she will be reunited with them soon.