The court extended Etgar Moyal’s detention by three days today. Moyal is suspected of holding a woman with whom he was once in a relationship captive and raping her.


Illusion Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The detention of Etgar Moyal, a writer from Central Israel, was extended today (Monday) by three days. Moyal is suspected of sodomizing a woman with whom he was once in a relationship, and locking her in his home.

The affair began when Moyal was arrested for entering a different woman’s home and touching her face while she was sleeping. Several Israeli news agencies covered the news of his arrest. After hearing about Moyal’s arrest, the woman who claims to have been raped by him contacted a social worker. After discussing it with the social worker, the woman decided to file a complaint with the police.

It appears that the complainant arrived at Moyal’s home, where he locked her in a cage against her will. After the second complaint, the court decided to extend Moyal’s detention today by three days, after it was determined that there is a good chance that he committed the crimes of which he is accused.

However, Moyal denies the accusations and said that the sexual relations with the second complainant were consensual. In the courtroom, Moyal turned to the judge and said: “We broke up in a bad way, she was hurt and offended because of how we broke up. She was mad that I slept with other women.”