Moshe Ya’alon attacked Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman after it was reported that the latter instructed the IDF to put a stop to the soldiers’ volunteer work with children of foreign workers and asylum seekers in Southern Tel Aviv.


Ya’alon Photo Credit: Tomer Newberg (Flash 90)/Channel 2 News

Former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon criticized Lieberman in light of the reports that he instructed the IDF to put an end to the soldiers’ volunteer activities with children of foreign workers and asylum seekers in Southern Tel Aviv. “I would expect a defense minister to be busy with other things,” said Ya’alon in Jerusalem during a conference when he was asked about the matter.

Ya’alon even hinted that Lieberman is trying to conduct a public power struggle against IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot: “I wouldn’t expect to see headlines of leadership disputes against the Chief of Staff in the media.”

Aside from Lieberman, Ya’alon also attacked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the conference in Israel’s capital city. “Thanks to my many years [of experience], I understand that in order to lead and bring Israel to its greatest, leadership is needed,” Ya’alon said. “This requires the courage to make decisions. To act not to survive or maintain a position and to not do this via propaganda, incitement, segregation and intimidation.”

“National leadership gives backing and support to ministers, officers and officials who are serving the public,” added Ya’alon. “It allows them to led initiatives and reforms and doesn’t try to foil them, shut them up instead of letting them express their professional opinion or get rid of them.”