Yad Vashem sold a property for 2 million NIS. Now, 8 months afterwards, the same property is being resold by the buyer who is a Yad Vashem Council member for 8 million NIS.


Archives Photo Credit: Haim Rivlin\Channel 2 News

An auditorium in Tel Aviv was the meeting place for Holocaust survivors from a town in Ukraine. When the owner passed away, he bequeathed the auditorium to the Yad Vashem organization. Yad Vashem attempted to register the property and when they didn’t succeed, they offered it for sale in an auction.

The person who won the auction is attorney Shafir Shilansky, a businessmen and real estate dealer, who is also a Yad Vashem council member. He is also the son of former MK Dov Shilansky, who was a Yad Vashem board member.

Shafir Shilansky bought the property at the price of 2,350,000 Israeli NIS. Only four out of the seven potential buyers reached the final stage in the auction and the difference between Shilansky and the person in second place was only 50,000 Israeli NIS.

Only six months have passed and today, Shilansky is offering to sell the property for 8,000,000 Israeli NIS.

Yad Vashem’s response: “In the whole process of selling the property, Yad Vashem acted in accordance with the law. The property was offered to the public in a public auction, published in the main mediums and was presented to dozens of potential buyers. According to the appraiser, the property is valued at 2.36 million NIS. Since the initial bid was 1.8 million NIS, the organization decided to continue to the next phase with 4 potential buyers. At the end of the procedure, the highest bid was given by Shilansky, which was almost the same as the appraiser’s assessment. Before the beginning of the final phase, the other potential buyers received a message stating that Shilansky is part of the Yad Vashem Council, a public council that is based on volunteers. None of the auction participants objected to Shilansky’s participation in the auction.”

Shafir’s response: “The property was acquired by law after being offered in a public auction. The property is offered for sale at the price of 8 million Israeli NIS, which is a reasonable price according to the market. I haven’t contacted any of the Yad Vashem’s members and only contacted attorney Eli Avrech. I am sad to hear that the media is connecting this to my father who has dedicated his life to the country and Yad Vashem.”