Yair BiranBy: Yair Biran

Yair Biran is a member of the Israeli Bar and holds an LL.B from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a Hebrew Bible enthusiast, a cultural Zionist and just a simple Israeli guy.


Ittai Dayan is a young Israeli doctor, who graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital. Apart from working in the hospital, he maintains a broad range of interests – politics, economy and world affairs. Always an avid traveler, he has visited many countries and hopes to return to some of them in the future as a medical professional. He says that the more he learns about the world around him, his belief in our right to exist as a Jewish nation grows stronger.  Previously serving as a combat soldier and officer in the IDF’s paratrooper brigade, he has witnessed the consequences of the struggle between Israel and the Palestinians firsthand.