After undergoing a series of surgeries since being stabbed yesterday by a terrorist in a supermarket, the Kaplan Medical Center stated that the supermarket employee has been stabilized, but is still in critical condition. Furthermore, Israeli security forces conducted sweeps last night in the terrorist’s village of Yatta.

Watch: IDF conducts sweeps in terrorist’s village, Yatta

Video: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News | Can’t see video? – Click Here

The Kaplan Medical Center, where the 43-year-old Yavne supermarket employee who was stabbed yesterday by 19-year-old terrorist Ismail Ibrahim Abu Aram is being hospitalized, updated this morning (Thursday) that the employee has been stabilized.

“He is under supervision and treatment in the general intensive care unit while he is still sedated and on a respirator and within the next few hours, he will be transferred to the operation room in order to complete the surgical procedure,” said Dr. Doron Schindel, head and neck surgery unit manager at Kaplan Medical Center.

The terrorist stabbing the supermarket employee

The terrorist stabbing the supermarket employee Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Numerous IDF, Shin Bet and Israel Border Police forces conducted sweeps last night in Yatta, which is the terrorist’s home town, and operated within the homes of the terrorist’s family members. Meanwhile, Israeli security forces arrested eight wanted persons in Gaza last night, five of whom are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and riots.