After ISIS destroyed their community, many brave Yazidi women joined the Kurdish Female Combat Unit to fight against the terrorist organization.

Yazidi women

Yazidi women Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The Kurdish Female Combat Unit is full of brave women who are determined to defeat ISIS. Lately, the unit received new recruits- Yazidi women who managed to escape from the arms of the terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq. Most of them were girls taken from their families as slaves and many of their families were murdered.

One of the new recruits recalled: “There were so many cases of mass murder against women and children when ISIS attacked.” The Yazidis, who live in the northern region of Iraq, are a Kurdish religious minority. According to the UN, over 7,000 Yazidi women were sold as slaves and 5,000 men murdered by ISIS since August 2014.

Last June the unit deployed its forces to the Syrian city of Raqqa. According to the fighters, they managed to save thousands of lives. “We don’t like bloodshed,” said 20-year-old Falak. “But every time that I think of those children and their mothers, I feel like I want to go out and fight.”

Although half of Raqqa is still held by ISIS forces and half by the Syrian military, there are still hundreds of Yazidi women and children considered missing. Some died in the war and others are still awaiting the liberation of the city.