Natan Meir, who lost his wife Dafna in the Otniel terror attack in January 2016, announced last night that he is engaged.

Natan and Zohar

Natan and Zohar Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

Just over a year after his wife was murdered in their home in Otniel by a 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist, Natan Meir announced last night (Monday) that he is engaged. In a Facebook post accompanied by a picture of the newly engaged couple, Natan broke the news about his engagement to Zohar Morgenstern.

In January 2016, the young terrorist entered the Meir home and stabbed Natan’s wife Dafna in front of the couple’s 15-year-old daughter. According to the daughter’s statement, her mother tried to fight off the terrorist and it appears that her screams caused the terrorist to flee the home without stabbing anyone else. The terrorist was arrested three days later and sentenced to life in prison.