The Security Council for the Residents of the West Bank, which includes representatives of bereaved families and victims of terror, held a rally calling for the allocation of funds for the construction of life-saving bypass roads and better protection in the West Bank. Hundreds of people participated in the rally, including ministers and MK’s from the Likud party.

Watch: Footage from the rally outside of the prime minister’s Jerusalem residence

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The Security Council for the Residents of the West Bank, comprised of representatives of bereaved families and victims of terror, held a demonstration in front of the prime minister’s residence on Sunday night. The organizers demanded that the government allocate funds to build bypass roads and better protection for Israelis living in the West Bank in order to “prevent the next terror attack.” Government ministers and Knesset members from the coalition and the Likud Party also took part in the rally, alongside heads of local authorities and bereaved families.

“We came here at the request of the bereaved families, to tell you, the prime minister and his ministers: The safety of half a million residents of Judea and Samaria is not a waste,” said Shomron Regional Council head Yossi Dagan. “We are here because we have had it with promises and ‘spins’. We demand action. We say here, thousands of us, that promises do not prevent terror attacks.” Dagan added that “a national government must ensure a building boom throughout all of Israel.”

Ahead of the protest, representatives of the bereaved families said that “people’s lives need to be protected and the infrastructures of people living in the West Bank need to be taken care of. The next terror attack needs to be prevented and it won’t happen by words alone. The government does not keep its promises.”

Israel’s Welfare and Social Services Minister Haim Katz also spoke during the rally. “I have come to show my support for the bereaved families and to prevent the next terror attack,” he said. Bypass roads and security measures are not luxuries. We must provide them, and the earlier the better. I call upon the prime minister, who wants safety for the residents, to convene the government and to transfer the necessary funds as soon as possible.”

As reported earlier by JOL, two weeks ago, representatives of the bereaved families, together with the heads of the local councils, described a rift between them and the government. Dagan said that “we need a solution to the security components on the highways and in the settlements of the West bank, and we need to build life-saving bypass roads. We are in a crisis of confidence with the prime minister.”