Seven-year-old Twitter sensation Bana Alabed has been rescued from Aleppo along with her mother, according to humanitarian aid organizations. In recent weeks, Alabed has been tweeting about the atrocities committed in Aleppo, gaining over 100,000 followers.

Bana Alabed,

Bana Alabed, Photo Credit: CNN/Channel 2 News

Bana Alabed, the seven-year-old Syrian girl from Aleppo whose tweets have made international headlines, was reportedly rescued from the city today (Monday) and transferred to a safe place, according to several humanitarian aid agencies. In recent weeks, the young girl has been tweeting about the atrocities committed in Aleppo.

Alabed and her mother Fatemah were among the 1,200 Aleppo residents who were rescued from the city in the past day after the evacuation missions were halted periodically due to breaches of the ceasefire.

Ahmad Tarakji, the head of the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation (SAMS), tweeted a picture of Alabed outside of Aleppo, saying that she and “many children” are now safe. About 10 buses filled with at least 500 people left the two Shi’ite villages near Aleppo, which were besieged by the rebel forces. They will be moved to a location under the Syrian government’s authority.