Zohar Katz, 21-year-old Israeli tourist from Kibbutz Yotvata, is being hospitalized at a hospital in Lima, Peru, after contracting a serious blood-related virus. Her family is reaching out to Israelis traveling in the area and asking them to come to the hospital and donate blood.

21-year-old Zohar Katz

21-year-old Zohar Katz Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Katz Family/Channel 2 News

Zohar Katz, an Israeli from Kibbutz Yotvata, has been in a hospital in Lima, Peru, for the past week. 21-year-old Katz received urgent medical treatment after contracting a virus that violently attacks the circulatory system. She is in dire need of blood donations in order to fight the bacteria in her body. However, the hospital staff members are causing some difficulties, according to the Katz family.

Katz was first hospitalized in Cusco after experiencing extreme nausea and dizziness. A week later, she was transferred to the San Borja Medical Center and needs a total of 11 units of blood in order to clean her body of the bacteria.

Zohar with her sister in the hospital

Zohar with her sister in the hospital Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Katz Family/Channel 2 News

After learning of Katz’s condition on social media, many Israelis traveling in Peru came to the hospital to donate blood, though her family reports that the medical staff was wary of accepting the donations. “The doctors are nervous that the vaccines the Israelis took before traveling will affect her blood negatively,” said Eden, a good friend of Katz. “It looks like they are going to need to buy blood for her.”

Limor Sherman, the Israeli consul in Peru, noted that the Jewish community has joined Katz’s parents in an effort to raise funds for their daughter. “Dozens of people from the community as well as many travelers have arrived in the last couple days,” she said. “The main problem is that since most of them have received vaccinations in recent months, they are ineligible to donate.”

Zohar’s father and sister are by her side at the hospital. They are being hosted by the Israeli consulate and the Chabad House. They stated that “though we thought at first that she had some type of fever, we didn’t think it would deteriorate like this. She is currently receiving a blood transfusion and no one is allowed to visit her.”

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry has stated that it is aware of the case and that it is being handled.