Yael Weisman lost her husband Yanai who was killed while fighting against a terrorist with his bare hands in the Rami Levy Branch in Binyamin. Now, she needs to raise their daughter alone. Adele Bennett, the widow of the late Aharon Bennett, is finding it difficult to believe that he won’t return.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Yael Weisman became part of a bereaved family last February. She and her husband, the late Yanai Weisman, knew each other as children and became a couple in the ninth grade. Yanai was her best friend from childhood until the day that he was murdered.

About three months ago, Yanai went on a regular break from the army and they went out to do shopping for Shabbat. When Yanai heard shouting, he ran to the terrorist and fought against him. According to Weisman, Yanai was not a terror victim but rather fell in battle while struggling against the terrorist with his bare hands and this is what the Defense Ministry wrote on the tombstone.

In another terror attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, the husband of Adele Bennett, the late Aharon Bennett, was a regular soldier. She herself was stabbed 17 times: “Every morning, I wake up and wait for him, saying that he is just late from the army. It is difficult for me to eat lunch due to the situation that I am eating alone. This is very difficult for me.”

When the ambulance entered into the hospital, Yael and Yanai entered into the delivery room and there they heard about the incident. But by the time that their daughter was four months old, the situation drastically changed. This time, Adele heard about the disaster that Yael dealt with and she decided to go visit her. They are not thinking at all about new or more children. The lives of their first love was cut short too soon, thus leaving them behind as young widows with children.