Officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s atomic weapons development program found themselves locked out of the system governing the initiative this week after Israel’s secret intelligence agency neutralized the computerized security altered all the access codes to a series of black dots.

The latest Israeli intelligence coup and Iranian embarrassment occurred over the weekend, say Mossad sources, as part of an ongoing attempt to slow, disable, or otherwise stymie Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. 

This episode comes on the heels of reports that the same networks have been hit by an even more dangerous and compromising worm than the Stuxnet virus, which neutralized thousands of centrifuges while signaling to their operators that nothing was amiss.

A Mossad representative speaking on condition of anonymity under agency rules disclosed that months of intensive effort by the organization’s cyber-attack unit had yielded results when an agent procured a series of passwords to one of the regime’s most secure computer network. 

“They’ll be going mad, thinking they have the right passwords, when in fact the actual password is a bunch of black dots,” explained the agent. “We already have reports of scientists and other Iran nuclear program figures pulling their hair out, counting the dots, and swearing up and down. We even got a couple of video clips of it, and damn if that isn’t some of the most satisfying footage I’ve seen in my career.”

H/T ElderofZiyon Blog